About Us

What is Valquiria Studio?

Valquiria Studio is a little factory established since february 2015 in the eastern border of Úbeda (Jaén). In our workshop, the craftsmen in the resin get your gaming table dressed perfectly for every occasion. To this end we create a variated range of products for our brand.

We are specialiced in creating scenery and accessories for games and wargames.
In addition to produce our range of products, we also do it for other companies and entities. Every day there are more people who trust in our studio to carry out their projects.

We love invent and produce a big variety of complements for disparate universes, and that is why every day we get up more eagerer to create. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hear your suggestions, on the contrary, we have all our senses open to new ideas and contributions.

Who are Valquiria Studio?

Valquiria Studio is a group of young people, multidisciplinary professionals who struggle every day to realize a dream, the dream of being able to work on our own, in an area that excites and motivates us.

What we do in Valquiria Studio?

In Valquiria Studio we design, model and produce with resin all kinds of products, mainly linked to the world of miniatures and wargames. We have our own line of products compatibles with the majority of the most played wargames nowadays and that are the perfect complement to your games. In addition we also design and / or produce miniatures, scenery or other kind of elements for companies from different industries.