Resin Casting

In Valquiria Studio we specialize in resin casting. We dedicate to this area the greater part of our time and effort, both research and experimentation with different types of resin, as pure production under strict quality processes.

We produce using opaque resin, translucent resin and clear resin, our own products as well as any other projects for those who contract us. We love to experiment and take on new challenges. So if you have an idea, by silly it might seem like, please tell us and we’ll propose an interesting solution to you.

We can do with resin casting:

  • Miniatures
  • Scenery
  • Art toys
  • Busts
  • Tabletop game’s compliments
  • Awards
  • Bases
  • Anything you can imagine

Everyday there are more that trust us to carry out their projects to end. What are you waiting to make us your proposal?